For more information about service please call (514) 900-8442

When bad things happen to your radios, we are here to help.

An Anytone DMR, Zum Radio Authorized Dealer and Service Centre, we can provide you with outstanding technical support. Our well trained technicians and advanced equipment make our repair service the best available..

WARRANTY SERVICE: Please refer to manufactures' warranty statement. Premier Communications or the manufacturer will repair equipment that was purchased new from Premier Communications and qualify for warranty, at no charge by Premier Communications or the manufacturer. All shipping costs are the reponsibility of the customer.

NON-WARRANTY SERVICE: Whether the item was purchased from Premier Communications or not, we will provide service and parts that are still available. We offer free estimation. All the service performed is warranted for a period of thirty days from the date of shipping.

LABOR RATE: $150.00/HOUR. Parts and shipping are charged separately.

SHIPPING: Please request an RMA before packing your equipment securely in a box with cushion materials, mark the shipping label" Service Department ", and adequately insure your equipment. Always include the following documents along with the item being shipped.

  • A detailed problem descriptions
  • A copy of original receipt needed for warranty repair
  • Return address, day-time phone number, and email address
  • The method of payment

    Programming Services

    For more information about service please call (514) 900-8442

    When you are having programming fits with your radios, we are here to help.

    Personalized one-on-one help is available via direct Internet link.
    Phone support is always FREE!